Biofriendly Ltd shortlisted for the Agribusiness Awards 2015

Brendan and Esther Gordon owners of Biofriendly ( Shorted listed for Agri. Business Awards.)

Brendan, Esther and their 4 daughters Mary, Sarah, Aisling and Brenda

Brendan and Colm O Regan (author of Irish Mammies) who compared on the night

There are very compelling, unique reasons why you should chose the Bio-Friendly sewage system for your property. And it’s fully guaranteed.

The system carries full IAB and EU Certification
You will have the confidence and peace of mind that your Bio-Friendly system has been certified by the EU, has been approved by the Irish Agreement Board and has won the Roscommon County Enterprise Award.

Ideal for your New Build, add-on or replacement
Whether your project involves the provision of the service to a new house, or an addition to an existing system, Bio-Friendly is the efficient, speedy answer.  Installation is quick and non-disruptive.  A mini digger is all that is required which results in less mess and speedy installation.

“I had a Bio-friendly unit installed in my new house.  I am very happy with the way it is working and the back-up I have received” – Eammon Mac Coiligh, Co. Sligo  

Upgrade your existing septic tank
Uniquely, the Bio-Friendly units can be used to upgrade septic tanks that are structurally sound but the percolation area is blocked up and has broken down and therefore is non-effective.  They are quick and easy to install saving you disruption and inconvenience.

“I had a problem with my septic tank of 35 years Bio-friendly sorted me out with an upgrade unit. It was great value and has taken a lot off my mind. They have a great back up service” – Mary McGoey, Co. Longford   
“My old septic tank was causing problems.  I used the Bio-friendly upgrade unit.  My crisis was solved with little delay and expense” – Gerry Gavigan, Co. Meath  

Competitive price and low running costs
Apart from the low initial cost of the Bio-Friendly system, the running cost is remarkably low.  At €60 per year it is considered to be the lowest running cost on offer.

“The Bio-friendly system is easy to install and good value for money” – PJ Healy & Sons, Co. Sligo  

It is modern and biological
You will have a system that has reliability and low maintenance.  You will enjoy the benefits and efficiency of a modern biological treatment system.  For new houses with a gravity flow two tanks are used.  The first treats all domestic waste.  The second uses specially designed media and compressed air that encourages the growth of natural bacteria.  The fully treated effluent is then discharged into a percolation area.

The benefits to you of the Bio-Friendly two tank system
Because of the two tank system, the potential for blocking or breaking down are minimised.
The system is ideally suited for houses with 6 to 8 person occupancy.  The capacity can be increased in instances where there is a higher occupancy.
“I’m very happy with the Bio-friendly company and their two tank system. There have been no problems with it.”  – David Cahalan Construction, Co. Tipperary   

Fully guaranteed and reliable after-sales service
The Bio-Friendly system comes to you fully guaranteed.  It carries all the essential certification to ensure that you are getting a top quality installation.  It is a family run business who provides an unrivalled back-up service at all times.  Satisfied customers
attest to all of these benefits which you will enjoy too.

“I have the Bio-friendly Sewage System. The back-up service has been second to none” – Donal Mc Gillacuddy, Co. Wicklow.  The service man was out within 24hrs and had me sorted in no time.” – Seamus Lyng, Co. Wexford  

Contact Details
Brendan Gordon
Mob: 0866097200
Office: 0949880052

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Treatment Unit for a New House
Upgrade: Adding a treatment unit to an existing septic tank
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